Chicken Tikka Masala - The Curry King of Scotland


Food not only sates your appetite but also connects its dots to history, geography and politics. It acknowledges aspects of multiculturalism. It's strange to know that many dishes in Britain do not have an origin from India, but the native of Chicken Tikka Masala and its recipe is mostly from India.

Though there is no certain confirmation about who invented this dish first, many sources claim that Chicken Tikka Masala originated its roots in a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. A British Pakistani chef is said to have improvised with a sauce made from a tin of tomato soup, cream and spices when one of his customers complained that the chicken was too dry. It can be considered that the chef prepared the dish with an improvised recipe aptly meant to the taste of British people. According to The Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics, it has also been said of the Bangladeshi migrant chefs in Britain who introduced the recipe of Chicken Tikka Masala in the 1960s.

"The orange-coloured gravy in Chicken Tikka Masala makes my heart dance and let my tummy sing." - anonymous

Keeping aside all the debates on this dish's origin, dive into the rich flavours of Chicken Tikka Masala, a star dish from KOOLBA. Our chefs cook all the cuisines using Scottish locale, produce meat and vegetables to satisfy your cravings for a fresh and authentic taste. Normally, not many British people take hot & spicy curry and our chefs at Koolba care about the customer's preference in taste. No food is pre-cooked here. Chicken Tikka Masala is treated at our restaurant as the master of all flavours. Other than this mouth watering dish, you should try our Persian BBQ and Grill foods to feel a twist in the taste of two states.

"The belly rules the mind." - Spanish Proverb

Pages of history shows that Chicken Tikka Masala is apparently an Anglo-Indian dish as it is evident that most British foods came from Imperialism. Other countries trading spices from India was very obvious during those times. India was regarded as the spice land across the globe. Inspired by the magic of spices our chefs mastered Chicken Tikka Masala, a dish invented in Glasgow and applauded with love around the world. The smoky Tandoori mouthfuls of moist chicken marinated in a masala bursting with capsicums, ginger, garlic, chilli and tempered moderately with cream perfects the love affair of Scots with curry. Try other savorous side dishes like tandoor garlic naan, steamed rice and verdant salads as a relaxing combo to appease your taste buds. The specialty of this royal dish lies in its each bite that provides a forkful of comfort. The flavours of yoghurt and Chicken Tikka

take the centre stage in this signature creation. A collective feedback from our customers affirm our dish is tender, juicy and cooked with just the right spice. It even pleases the finicky gourmand. Our passionate chefs combine finest ingredients with intense flavours and alluring aromas to bring a sublime taste for all the foodies. On every visit to KOOLBA, a tantalising treat is guaranteed to make any food lover drool. Are you ready to explore a food trip from Persia to Punjab and feel th e magic of indo-persian cuisines ? Stop by at KOOLBA, the Curry Capital of Britain award winner Indian restaurant in Glasgow. Meet authentic flavours and taste farm-to-table freshness in every dish served on your plate. KOOLBA is basically a Persian name which means an oasis or a farmhouse. Our restaurant is situated in the heart of Glasgow that is a few steps walk from prime locations in the Merchant City.

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