Savor Authentic Indian Cuisine at Koolba, Glasgow's Best Curry House Savor Authentic Indian Cuisine at Koolba, Glasgow's Best Curry House

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16 September 2020


Who doesn’t love Indian food, specially when its done to its perfection? Loaded with heavenly flavors, hot chillies and an exceptional taste that leaves a tart surface in your taste buds. Many connoisseur around the world has named Indian food is the marvellous cuisine!! Discovering Indian food in a far off nations may have been actually quite troublesome in early days; however, with the beginning of globalization and its development, Indian food has gotten effectively available in numerous nations.

Popularity and Demand of Indian cuisine in UK has been rated so highly that “chicken Tikka Masala” is voted as the “Most popular & British National Dish”. Glasgow alone has a long chain of Indian food eateries that furnish rich Indian food with extraordinary Indian taste. In this way, each one of those who are missing Indian Modren and Traditional food glasgow restaurants, you don't have anything to truly stress over because Koolba is one of the finest & most popular Indian restaurants located at the heart of the Merchant city.

Our Pride as the “Best Restaurants in Glasgow”

We seek to give the best of Indian Sub-continental food, and we endeavour to keep up and enhance our guidelines & being the Best restaurants glasgow. Koolba with their expertise in Indian food got a unique twist in their Menu items with a fusion of persian cuisine. To create a perfect blend of such a fusion is our secret to success. Our accomplished group of gifted culinary chefs continues to grow and invigorate our menus while holding our built-up top picks and offering specials made with the best seasonal dish with the freshest ingredients like koolba special herbs, spices and british standard meats.

We try to ensure the interiors and layout of our restaurant has remarkable intriguing spaces, combined with agreeable, effective assistance.

One of our restaurant specials is the Kebab, We have the large options in kebab, Kofta (Kobideh) Kebab, Chicken (Joojeh) Kebab, Majestic (Makhsoos) Kebab, Shashlik Kebab, Royal (Soltani) Kebab, Persian Kebab these all are the best and unique of the kebabs in the galsgow.On some random nights, you will discover food sweethearts from around the globe,


blending cheerfully with regulars. We have served many local and international celeberities.

United Kingdom Special Relation for Curry


Britain’s foreign secretary Robin Cook referred to Chicken Tikka Masala as a “true British national dish”. The United Kingdom celebrates National Curry Week each October. In spite of the fact that curry is an Indian dish adjusted for British tastes

Glasgow has long been the curry capital of Scotland, KoolBa has a worthy reputation of representing Glasgow no less than three times in a row (the only Glasgow restaurant to do so), and we have been crowned a winner too in the annual Curry Capital of Britain awards.


Curry Glasgow is the other name of KOOLBA. This isn't a fact to be simply swept aside, Glasgow's curry credentials cannot be questioned. The city has been the four time winner and four time runner up of the Curry Capital of Britain Awards, more than any other city in the UK. Thus, the reason why Glasgow has the best curry restaurants in Britain and KOOLBA is the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow & exceptionaly rated and reviwed by world most popular directories such as Google, Tripadvisor, Opentable & Quandoo and many more.

With more delicious and wonderful Pakoras (Seasonal Vegetable Pakora, Tender Chicken Breast Pakora, and succelent Fish Fillet Pakora),


rich authentic Bhuna, mouth-watering Salmon Bangali style Fish curry, Spicy Onions, Keralian Garlic chilli chicken and much more which complete your Lunch or Dinner Table. For more info about our Traditional Indian Dishes, KOOLBA Indian Specialties, Cold Starters (From the heart of Persia), Warm Starters (straight from the Punjab), TANDOORIS SPECIALTIES STARTER, Please check out our Menu.

Need to make your extraordinary day additionally occurring with Indian Cuisine? Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Book now for your perfect occasion, the best family restaurants in city centre of Glasgow is waiting for you to serve the best Traditional, Modren & tempting tasty Food.